May 18, 2024

What Is Natural Wine?

Organic and Biodynamic wines are made without any added chemicals or preservatives and can be considered to be totally natural and organic. There are many organic and biodynamic vineyards all over the world where a variety of grapes, especially the darker reds like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, are grown for their rich taste characteristics. Organic wine is usually produced from grapes grown organically, on biodynamic, or sustainable farms, and hand picked by individual or small scale organic or biodynamic wineries. Organic and biodynamic wine production involve strict regulations that limit the amount of pesticides and fertilizers that may be used on the vineyard grounds.

The organic certification that an organic and biodynamic wine company earned will indicate to consumers that the wine has been produced in a healthy and environmentally aware way. Although there are several organic and biodynamic wine makers that do not employ any kind of organic practices, these types of companies are usually made up of highly professional winemakers who make organic and biodynamic wine that is as pure as possible, using organic and biodynamic wine production processes only. Organic and biodynamic wine is certified by an organization called the International Organization for Organic Standards (IOS) that specializes in organic standards. If you buy a wine that has been awarded an IOS organic certification, you can be assured that you are making a natural and healthy wine that was produced by an organic or biodynamic vineyard.

In order to qualify as organic and biodynamic wine, the grapes must be grown without any kind of unnatural growth, such as the use of insecticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. Grapes that have been grown without these kinds of additives are said to have excellent growing conditions and are better able to produce natural, pure wines. Organic certification is granted after the vineyard is inspected by a team of independent scientists who determine whether the vines are growing naturally without the help of any chemicals.